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Default Sensitivity File Information
The default sensitivity table pre-loaded in the OpenAGS is calculated based on the following parameters (Table 1), some of which are instrument dependent. Users should modify the sensitivity table according to their local instrument parameters. Table 1. Sensitivity calculated based on the nuclear database [1]* and local instrument parameters.
Ti 1382 keV count rate (cps): 180
Ti foil mass (m, mg): 14.05
Calibration factor CF = cps/m * M /(sigma * eff): 190.04
Capture Product Cross Section (sigma) Detector Relative Efficiency (eff) Molar Mass (M) Sensitivity (CPS/mg) S = CF * sigma * eff / M
Ti-49 1382 keV 5.18 0.62294 47.867
Ca-41 1943 keV 0.352 .49562 40.078 0.82726
Al-28 7724 keV 0.0493 0.1181 26.981 0.04101
*For the partial gamma cross section, only the top 3 cross sections for each isotope from the EGAF table are included. Future implementations may include the entire library available on the IAEA database. For details of applying “standard less’ analysis of PGAA see [2].
[1] Database of prompt gamma rays from slow neutron capture for elemental analysis. — Vienna : International Atomic Energy Agency, 2006. ISBN 92–0–101306–X
[2] Danyal Turkoglu, Heather Chen-Mayer, Rick Paul and Rolf Zeisler, Assessment of PGAA capability for low-level measurements of H in Ti alloys, Analyst, 2017, 142, 3822
Sensitivity File Format Example (.csv file)

Note: Half-Life or Decay Constant are only necessary for NAA. They will be ignored for PGAA.

Isotope Energy (keV) Sensitivity (cps/unit*) or Mass (unit*) Half-Life (unit*) or Decay Constant (1/unit*)
Ca-41 1942.67 0.8272 N/A (this is a prompt peak)
... (repeat for each isotope) ... ... ...
Al-28 7724.027 0.04100 N/A (this is a prompt peak)

*units are automatically detected by the program. Please use s, sec, m, min, h, or hr for Half-Life and decay constant.

Supported Spectrum File Formats (mostly from xylib)